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About Us


We are very proud that to date many of our globes have been purchased by Museums; Libraries and Institutions for use as exhibits.

Our Collection We Love Globes


Most of the globes in our private collection are made in the 20th Century, they show great diversity and ingenuity as the majority are made in a mass produced way, needing to be economically made so that it can compete with fierce competition.

We are delighted to hear that our globes too are of ‘collectable’ status. Not only have we sold to collectors but some of our trade stockists have informed us that some of their customers eagerly await for the next G&T globe to materialise.


Working with Artists

Joseph Kosuth

Greaves & Thomas have now collaborated with numerous artists in order that their idea can take a spherical form. Recently, world renowned conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth worked with the Casa Colon Museum in Gran Canaria, Canary Isles. The end result entailed Greaves & Thomas supplying a very large black and white version of their Behaim globe.

Yinka Shonibare

Greaves & Thomas also made the base and plinth for the globe, so possibly the term ‘Conceptual’ artist has been used here to the very last detail. Recently Greaves & Thomas have assisted Yinka Shonibare produced a series of globes, here elaborate internal weights were used to enable the globes to support the figures so they balanced at their intended position.

Woojung Chung
Greaves & Thomas also assisted (albeit in a very small part of supplying the plaster spheres) artist Woojung Chung, who made some very intricate globes which were exhibited at the Venice Biennale. Here a superb labryinth elevated the globe to a further dimension. 
Christian Aid
Greaves & Thomas worked with the following artists in 2005: Tracy Emin; Gavin Turk; Michael Nyman; Rob and Nick Carter; Keith Coventry; Simon English; Dan Mcmillan and Tim Nobel and Sue Webster.This collaboration was organised by Christian Aid and these Brit Artists supplied artwork to be morphed into globes. The original artwork and the 8 unique globes were exhibited at the fine art society and the auctioned by Sothebys.

Museum, Libraries, Institutions, Film & TV

Our Globes have been supplied to institutions around the world. They have also appeared in Hollywood block busters and Television shows.

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