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The Art of Making Globes

Greaves & Thomas revived the traditional craft of globe making in the United Kingdom in 1991.

Our founder James Bissell-Thomas, after several years of research, republished  Merzbach & Falk’s 1881 globe. The globe was well received, especially because of the ageing techniques developed to lend the globes a patina producing a convincing replica. James Bissell-Thomas believes that this was achieved because of his Art School background, his printing knowledge gained running his own publishing house in the 1980’s (Long Tail Prints) combined with his knowledge as an antiques dealer. James’ interest in globes was enough to make the decision  to form a collection of globes, spanning cartographic history from 1492 to the present day. 

The majority of our globes are made in the traditional way, using plaster spheres, which are hand papered and hand painted, then aged to produce an authentic facsimile globe. Starting with the classic Victorian schoolroom globe by Merzbach & Falk, dated 1881, we now produce numerous different facsimile globes which range in size from just 2 inches to an impressive 5 feet in diameter. Our collection spans cartographic history from 1492 to the present day. You will also find some unusual globes amongst our collection, for example , ‘Shakespeare’s Globe’ , ‘Alice’s Globe’ , ‘Holbein’s Globe’ , ‘Elvis Globe’  We can also customise individual globes for special occasions – see ‘Customised Globes’  

We are very proud that to date many of our globes have been purchased by Museums; Libraries and Institutions for use as exhibits. Greaves & Thomas also produces an innovative range of award winning ‘folding paper globes’ ideal for the educational and gift market.

We focus on producing products of fine craftsmanship and quality. Our products are limited by craft, not number- which we believe is the true essence of a ‘Limited Edition’.

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