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Terrestrial, Celestial, Planetary & Lunar Globes ANTIQUE FACSIMILES AND MODERN DAY


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Helping the Planet

Since 1991 we have used reclaimed hardwood and recycled paper to manufacture our globes.

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Atlas Works
37 Union Road, Ryde
Isle of Wight   PO33 2ER
United Kingdom

Welcome This is our story


In 1991 Greaves & Thomas revived the traditional craft of globe making in the United Kingdom. 



If you are looking for a special gift, for your best friends, corporation or family member, which helps celebrate a special occasion, then our ‘Customised Globe’ might be what you are looking for!

Modern Day Globes Created from the latest data available


Restoration Breathing Life Back


We are often asked if we restore old and new globes. Depending on the condition of the globe, the restoration process may include cleaning, repairing or replacing missing or damaged parts, and repainting or re-gilding. 

Art of Making Globes Our History


The earliest known terrestrial globe was created by the Greek geographer and astronomer Crates of Mallus in the 2nd century BC. It was made of solid bronze and was only about 10″ diameter.

Greaves & Thomas Globes Globes of the finest quality

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