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2017 - A meeting with Adrian Wain


Out of the Blue, Adrian contacted me and came to tea, during tea he gave me the story of the pendulum made by Jungle...



"I first heard about Jungles fabulous work when visiting Watkins bookshop in London, though the occult bookshop did not sell any of Jungles items, the young lady who heard of my

quest for an amulet being made recommended Jungles Shop in Kew, this was in 1990.

I wanted a diving amulet to enable myself to win enough money to buy a one bedroom flat outright, which at the time in London were around £50,000

The following week I visted the shop, Jungle was there, he had a strong magical presence. I inquired as to an amulet being made and Jungle was amenable to this, I commissioned on

that day a aquamarine crystal bound by 24 carat glod with runes to ‘ divine and bring in the money from betting on horse racing” Aquamarine was selected as it is my birthstone, on

one side Jungle placed the sun symbol ( dot in a circle as used by the Egyptians) on the other side was a symbol for divining ( a Y shaped branch) , followed by a star symbol 6 lines from

a cental point, followed by a Sigel Rune (lightening / inspriation), followed by a Gyfu ( gift Rune) x. It took one year and probably involved the symbols being struck at key times during the year ( solstice etc.) .

When I recieved the amulet I tested it by picking a horse race, it was february, I wrote each horse name on a separate piece of paper, there were 8 horses, in a circle with the name of the

race in the centre and its time. I then using my right hand held the amulet which had 6-7 links of gold. The amulet swung towards the horse that won the race, it did not swing back to the

horse on the other side of the circle. the odds were 7:1 I placed £100 I won £700.

Knowing that in the following month, the sun would be travelling thru my zodiac sign, I decided to wait for the Cheltenham Gold Cup. There were 14 Horses and the pendulum strongly

to a Horse called The Fellow, I placed £1000 each way, the horse came in second and I won £7,560.

Prior to this I seldom would bet on horses, last time being 5 years earlier. If I speculated I would partake with Football Pools roughly once a month.

I then selected another race and nothing happened. My intuition said that the crystal was depleted. I returned to Jungle explaiined that despite my winnings I still needed more money, but

I felt the power was waining. Jungled had in his shop a small piece of pre-historic pony’s kneecap, Jungle suggested that this be used bound in silver with runes, I agreed. It is ready in

November, Jungle suggested waiting once again till March when once again the Sun was passing thru my star sign. It was an obvious conclusion to wait for the next Cheltenham Gold Cup.

This time I made 2 circles, the first circle nothing happened, it was dead to the world. In the the second circle it really moved strongly to a horse called Cool Ground. I placed £1000 each

way. It came 1st and I won £33,750 . I asked an incredulous William Hill to give me a cheque as they did not have the money in the shop!

Because I had gained the money I needed, and when trying again it was like the previous amulet not responding. Feeling that the higher powers had helped me I decied thatI would not try

again. However 4 years later, with the arrivall of the National Lottery I decided that I would commission Jungle to make another divining amulet. To be suspended above my hear when I

slept, it was to reveal in my dreams the winning lottery numbers. This amulet when used , though it has not yet revealed any numbers, it has nevertheless yielded such intense strong vivid dreams.

I gave the horse pendulum away to the Mare & Foal sanctry in Devon, run by Francis, because both Jungle and I felt that we owed a debt to horses for their part my good fortune.

My other amulets I purchased from jungle were all commissions apart from a silver and yellow sapphire ring with runes for healing.


Adrian Wain 16th April 2017




Above some of Adrians commissions : 1st Divining Pendulum on left, Tourmaline and Silver protection Amulet, Gold Dreaning Amulet is displayed in the middle. Yellow Saphire and silver ring with runes for healing, Platinum and Scapelite with

Rune Amulet for Altered States of Conciousness with Platinum and yellow Saphire ring to counter-balance the power of the Amulet.






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