Comic Capers


Inspired by maps showing an avenue of trees in front of West Hall, similar to avenues on the same maps at Lord Burlingtons palladian villa at Chiswick and Syon House, this "engraving" was created. Using artwork lifted from George Brannon's topographical engravings of the Isle of Wight. Note the date: 1st of April 1812.

Two other comical illustrations were made, both using Harriotts painting of West Hall as their fondation. One was made showing Sympathy for Hacan of which Jeffray Bissell-Thomas was a staunch supporter. The flight route above West Hall rotates with another route over Richmond Park, apparently this these two routes are shared equally ....except when the Queen is in residence in Windsor and uses her royal "privilege" command to ensure that she is not disturbed.



The other is titled "Turned Down by Planning" and depicts a ludicrously tall version of West Hall



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