A practical guide to make yourself aware that you are actually dreaming when dreaming.

1. As soon as you wake up each day, write down whatever you can remember of your dream, no matter how sketchy. Throughout the day keep reading your notes and add whatever else you remember, this will help forge a stronger path back to the land of Nod.

2. Ask a friend to give you reality checks: every now and then in your everyday life you will need to discover something that is not as it should be egg. Someone removes all the Marmite from the Marmite jar and replaces it with chocolate spread. Next in the course of your day , at some time you will discover this deliberate mistake. When you realise that this has been done you must look at the palms of your hands and ask yourself if you are dreaming.

3. Because of your learning to look for reality checks in this reality, you will then by default learn to look for them in your dreams. One day you will in your dream find a reality check/deliberate mistake, if you then remember to look at your hands you will then become aware that you are dreaming in the dream instead of vaguely remembering the dream when you wake up next morning.

4. Looking at your dream hands for the first time might be difficult, the first time I tried to pull my dream hands up, they were made of sticks, next time they were covered in bandages, another time the were that of an old lady. Then in one dream I could see that the hands I was pulling up were going to be mineŠ. But as I pulled them up my head lunged equally backwards! Finally, I succeeded in pulling up my own hands.. and from that point on, whenever I remember to pull up my hands, they are mine (phew!).

5. When you succeed in pulling up your hands in a dream, and at the same time remind yourself that you are dreaming, you can now describe yourself as a lucid dreamerŠ. Well done!

6. Discovering the dream landscape: You will find that when you go lucid the speed of the dream will greatly slow down, it will speed up again and you will lose it unless you remember to continue to pulling your hands up, for doing this will act like an anchor and keep the dream on an even keel.

7. You will still find it hard to take over the dream, you might find yourself waking up easily, or if you decide to explore to your left for example, then you might find this a struggle to do so and consequently the dream end. The best way forward is to pretend all the time that you have not realised that you are lucid dreaming! Its as if you are being watched, and if you appear to continue in the course of the dream, then you will have the greater chance of continuing time in Nod lucidly. Remember to pull up your hands at regular intervals.

8. If all of the above is taking place, then you will need to learn to do the following things: Fly, you will be able to fly in your dreams, just like superman/woman! Walk on water, Just like Jesus. Walk through walls, just like Dillinger! All of the above can be done if you remind yourself that you are dreaming eg. I am walking along and I can see to my left a small lake ( I pull up my hands) I turn towards the lake (pull up my hands again) as I approach the lake (pull up my hands again) I see that it has an island. I am now at the shore line (pull up my hands again) Now I tell myself that I am dreaming, and consequently because I have created all that surrounds me, I am therefore aware that the lake is just illusion so I can therefore walk on it, I pull my hands up again and off I go! On the water instead of in it (you can also walk under water and breatheŠ but do this another dream - don't mix and match yet!). Like wise you can walk through walls (before you do, not only inspect how solid they are, but also suggest to yourself what you expect to find on the other side. This will enable you to change landscape quickly.

9. Nightmares are nothing more that your FEARS, you must challenge any thing that frightens you, it is your dream, you will never be harmed and soon the dream matrix which surrounds you will realise that a better time is to be had by it if it is not causing conflict.

10. Lovers. You will find that lovers approach you, feel free! However, it is important that you always ask for a gift before parting, this is VITAL! If they are unwilling you must demand it, remind them that you are dreaming, and you will wake soon, and that they are obligated to give you a gift. It is said, that this is because the lovers are spirits, and they want the one thing that they can get from youŠ Love, but if you continue to give this, your dream energy will wain and you will forget about dreaming, soon no doubt you will forget about life and before you know it youąre an old age pensioner, next your dead and a spirit yourself looking for a dreamer to win some love from! My first gift was (after much badgering ) a cough sweet, I unwrapped it and ate it as I woke. Gifts come in all shaped and sizes: Poems, songs etc.

11. Pets. I had the pleasure of befriending a small white dog, I picked it up (it was sitting on the floor with about 12 others). As soon as I picked it up, the dreamscape went dark, and I felt myself journeying back to my bed, what's more I felt the dog struggling to free itself, disappointed, I let it go, only to realise that it was not struggling to free itself but had been trying to reach my face, which it now did and started to lick me all over! From that day on, when lucid I was able to call for the dog, and most times it would join me. Sadly, after several years. I have now, despite trying, not been able to find it.

12. If you succeed in achieving the above, then you will not only have control in your dream reality, but you will also begin to have more control in this waking reality. Life after all is just another dream waiting for you to become truly Lucid in.

Additional reference: Alice page look for the Red King.


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